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Here and Now – One Life!   

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Mandy Hagan

BSc. (Psych.) Dip SW. PGCE. MA (Couns.) MA (Educ.) Trainer, Life Coach, Celebrant, Counsellor

Change Begins Here and Now!

Change can be challenging , especially if you’ve been used to the same habits and held the same beliefs for as long as you can remember. Here & Now Training is here to help you move forward. I provide workshops,  training and individual coaching to enable you to manage stress, achieve goals more easily and discover your full potential. 

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My Story

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

- Robert Allen

Hello and welcome to Here & Now Training! 

In the summer of 2018 I resigned as a university lecturer to become an independent trainer. I was working with a great team in a secure, well-paid and rewarding job but I had been restless for a while and knew there was something else in me that was untapped.

I finally had the courage to act after a sequence of events; I celebrated my 54th birthday,  (the age my mother died) I had a health scare, and my children (my babies!) left school for college.

My  personal and professional experience tells me that most significant life changes come about either by chance or catastrophe and that we rarely take control of positive change for ourselves. I believe that we only have one life and it is best used making ourselves and others happy! 

Having worked as a Hospice and Macmillan Social Worker I am  acutely aware of how precious time is and this is crystal clear in my other role as a funeral celebrant 

Educational Background and Work Experience

I am a psychology graduate with professional qualifications in social work, teaching, and counselling. I also hold post-graduate degrees in integrative counselling and professional education. With more than 20 years of practice experience in statutory and voluntary sector health and social care settings as a residential worker, care manager, social worker, and manager, I possess a broad range of knowledge and skills.

I have extensive experience in training, lecturing, coaching, team building, individual work, and counselling with service users, students, foster carers and an array of health and social care professionals. I held lecturing posts from 2004-2018

My career and personal choices have always been motivated by connecting with and maintaining genuine relationships with people. I believe this is the foundation for  learning, growth and happiness. I am thankful that I have an abundance of energy and an optimistic outlook.

 My favourite hobby is laughing and I am now a laughter trainer!

I have certainly lived my life to the full so far and have rarely said “no” whenever an opportunity for adventure has arisen. I have travelled the world, skydived, and spent 10 days in complete silence at a Buddhist retreat in Thailand, amongst many other varied pursuits! I wholeheartedly believe that if we listen to ourselves we are driven to fulfil our potential and I feel a duty to leave the world without regrets (*cue an Edith Piaf song*).

At this point in my “Bio” it would be savvy to direct you towards my social media platforms but err...I don't have any! A maxim I have lived by, so far, is "wherever you are, be there!" and I believe that moment by moment self awareness and self compassion is the best antidote to stress.  However, I do recognise the importance and value of social media, so watch this space as I dial up the 21st century. If I get a connection I’ll let you know my Twitafacelinktagram hashtag/page/handle!

If you’re ready to make a change for the better, then I am confident I can help you.

My Mission

 Empowering change for the better and delivering the tools and fuel to make it happen.

Why Choose Me?

I practice what I preach, and my passion shows!

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